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Brother Enoch
CJ Brother Enoch 01
Biographical Information
Status: Alive





Silent City


Silent Brothers
The Clave

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Bald

Brother Enoch is one of the Silent Brothers and the most called upon by the London Institute during the late 1870s, assisting them on several occasions.


London, 1878

Charlotte Branwell called upon him to treat Tessa Gray after their escape from the Dark House. When Tessa was awakened to his mutilated face, Tessa screamed in fear. He was also brought into to heal Nate Gray when he was rescued from Alexei de Quincey.[1]

He was the one to tell Charlotte that she is pregnant. He was shown to have used a material instrument to remove a metal fragment from Will's back.[2]

Brother Enoch arrived at the London Institute with Brother Micah and Brother Zachariah, taking Charlotte's call for help. With the main group, the three Silent Brothers Portaled to Cadair Idris and fought against Mortmain's automatons.[3]

New York, 2007

Brother Enoch and Brother Zachariah were the Silent Brothers sent to the New York Institute for Maryse Lightwood, who called for them to see the message that Sebastian Morgenstern left them with a pair of sewn-off angel wings.[4]




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