The Brocelind werewolf pack is a pack of werewolves who live in the thick forest of Idris, outside Alicante.


Some time in the 1990s, the pack's leader bit and Turned the Shadowhunter Lucian Graymark into a werewolf. Angry and desperate, Luke came to their camp and challenged him in combat. The fight went on for a long time, and eventually, Luke killed and defeated him. As tradition, the pack accepted Luke as their new leader. When Luke's old friend Jocelyn came to their camp in search of Luke, the pack became embroiled in their plans against Valentine Morgenstern. Under Luke's leadership, the pack was among the Downworlders that helped foil the Uprising. Luke left the pack temporarily, returned and, no longer feeling at ease without Jocelyn, left Idris and the pack permanently, and Luke appointed a new leader in his stead.[1]

Sixteen years after, Luke returned to Idris. The pack was among others that Luke approached in hopes of getting them to help the Nephilim in the battle against Valentine and his army of demons.[2]