SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Black Volume of the Dead is a powerful spell book containing dark magic.


The Black Volume of the Dead contains such dark magic, including necromancy, that all warlocks are forbidden from owning it.[1]


In the 1800s, the tome was kept in the Cornwall Institute. At one point, Malcolm Fade and Annabel Blackthorn stole it, but it was retrieved shortly after and returned to the Institute.[2]

When Andrew Blackthorn moved to Los Angeles to run the Institute there, he took the book with him. During the Dark War, in December 2007, Malcolm once again stole the book, and this time, the theft went unnoticed for five years.[1] In 2012, he used a spell within the book to resurrect Annabel Blackthorn, and she has since had the book. The Seelie Queen wanted to gain possession of the book, apparently to rescue a stolen member of her Court from the Unseelie King.[2]

Known contents


  • It is the black book referred to in the faerie rhyme relating to the Lady Midnight.[1]
  • The blight spell Malcolm performed for the Unseelie King may also have been from the Black Volume.[2]