SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!
Black Volume of the Dead
Notable past owner/s: The Clave
Blackthorn family
Malcolm Fade
Current owner/s: Annabel Blackthorn
Location: Los Angeles Institute (former)
Cornwall Institute (former)
Type: Spell book

Black Volume of the Dead is a powerful spell book containing dark magic.


The Black Volume of the Dead contains such dark magic, including necromancy, that all warlocks are forbidden from owning it. It is the black book referred to in the faerie rhyme relating to the Lady Midnight.


It was originally located in the library of the Los Angeles Institute before the Dark War in December 2007, during which it was stolen by warlock Malcolm Fade. In 2012, he used a spell within the book to resurrect Annabel Blackthorn.

Known contents


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