There is a variety of available binding runes.

Known binding runes

VF Rune, Allied To

"Allied To" rune.

  • A specific known binding rune is the Allied To rune.[1] It is a temporary Mark used by Shadowhunters, specifically groups who are set to participate in a big battle or skirmish. It allows the individual Shadowhunters to become stronger when closer to their group, but also feel weaker when they are apart.[2]
  • There are binding runes can prevent ones' legs from supporting their weight.[3]
  • Clary's Alliance rune has also been referred to as a binding rune.

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  • The binding rune is not to be confused with the loyalty rune that binds being(s) to another.
  • For the purposes only of the film: the Bind To rune (the Alliance rune in the books) creates a ring of fire-like handcuffs around someone's wrists and is used on criminals to bind their hands.[4]