"Belinda Belle" (real name unknown) is a member of the Followers of the Guardian.


"Belinda" was the first to be chosen from the Lottery and was the first to ever win it as well, after successfully making a sacrifice by murdering someone. For it, Belinda became the sample for the truth of the Lottery's prize—the rest of the Followers became stronger, and her even more so, and she got whatever it was she wanted. While most of the winners left the group after they did, Belinda stayed and continued participating in the subsequent Lotteries, where she acts as the ticket girl and the speaker during the Guardian's absence.

In August 2012, Belinda was one of the many members trying to recruit more Lottery participants by giving away fliers at the Shadow Market. Both Emma Carstairs and Kit Rook noticed her.

Belinda conducted the Lottery at the Midnight Theater on August 11, 2012, in place of the Guardian, whom she said could not attend due to security issues after their last hunt was nearly ruined by Shadowhunters. Belinda used the lottery machine to pick out a ball with a name, and Casper Sterling ball was picked; he was next in "the hunt."

Belinda and the rest of the Followers were all killed sometime after, and their dead bodies reanimated by Malcolm Fade as puppets when the Shadowhunters went to confront him.

Physical description

Belinda was a young woman who had dark brown hair and distinctive red lips.