Barbara Lightwood is Gideon Lightwood and Sophie Collins' first child. She had two younger siblings, namely: Eugenia and Thomas.


Barbara was among those who doted on her youngest brother Thomas when he was young and sickly, frustrating the boy.[3] Even when Thomas recovered past his sickly days, it was a while before the family outgrew the habit.

In 1901, Barbara, Eugenia, and their mother, Sophie, followed Thomas to Devil Tavern, the chosen haunt of his friends. If it had not been for Sophie's understanding and respect of the young boys' private time, the sisters would have followed him to their rented club room. Matthew Fairchild saw them and was appalled.[4]




  • She was presumably named after Gideon's mother, Barbara Pangborn.
  • Barbara is currently set to be the gentler of the two Lightwood sisters. She is set to be a little inclined to retiring to her fainting couch and declaring she has the vapors.[1]
  • Barbara is set to have an "understanding" with a "young gentleman."[1]

Found family tree:

  • An error in a "found" family tree states that Barbara died in 1917,[2] 20 years before the death of Will Herondale, which she and her sister, Eugenia, were present for.[6]