Ava Leigh was a mundane member of the Followers of the Guardian.


Ava Leigh dated and lived with the significantly older Stanley Wells. When she was picked for the Lottery in 2012, Ava decided to murder Stanley, whom she had apparently gotten tired of anyway, in desperation as her sacrifice. During the dumping of his body near the Sepulchre Bar, the Followers were hitting her relentlessly before they were caught and stopped by Diego Rosales, giving her an opportunity to run.

Ava then committed suicide by drowning herself in Stanley's pool. The Followers tracked her down and cut off her right hand—the hand she used to kill the sacrifice, which is necessary for the ritual. Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn found her body still in the pool some time after. They took her purse, where they later found her invitation and ticket to the next Lottery.

The mundane authorities were alerted to her death soon after, and they began investigating the property, making it impossible for the Shadowhunters to continue investigating the house further.

Physical description

Ava had long black hair and was so skinny that her spinal column was visible.