Ashdown family
Status: Extant
Residence: Various
Species: Shadowhunter

The Clave

The Ashdown family is a Shadowhunter family currently based in Los Angeles.


In 1878 the last surviving member of the family, Frederick Ashdown, was killed during an automaton attack on the Council. The name was then temporarily taken up by the Ascendant Sophie Collins[1], but once again became unused after she married Gideon Lightwood.

The name was later taken up once more by an Ascendant, who later married Dean Ashdown and continued the family line. As of 2012 the family now resides in Los Angeles, California.[2]

Known members

Family tree

Unnamed A.
Frederick A.
Sophie C.
Gideon L.
Unnamed A.
Dean A.


  • The exact family tree of the Ashdown family is unknown from Dean Ashdown onwards. It is only known that her line resulted in the Los Angeles Ashdowns Paige, Vanessa and Cameron.


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