SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Ash is a faerie that Drusilla Blackthorn meets when she's accidentally sent into the Faerieland.



Ash first appeared in 2012 when Dru Blackthorn accidentally touched the Rosales family heirloom and was sucked into Faerieland. She landed in a dark corridor, heard voices chattering, and recognized them as faeries. When she tried to hide deeper in the shadows and leaned against a wall, it dissolved and she tumbled into a room with walls decorated all over with symbols like a hawk, a throne and a broken crown (the symbol of the Unseelie Court), where she met Ash. Ash instantly reached for a dagger.


Ash seems to be very demanding, being aware of his high rank and using it to command people around. On the other side, he seems to be very easy to surprise and is very much curious about the things happening around him.

Physical description

Ash has short, white-blond hair, green eyes and appears to be around the age of 13. Drusilla describes his face as typically sharp for a faerie. He wears rich clothes made of silk and velvet, combined with heavy boots. There is also a little, pale metal band around his head, seeming like a crown.


  • His mother: The only small hint at something like a relationship is the one with his mother. The second he finds out that Dru is a Shadowhunter, Ash asks her if his mother sent her. While doing so, he sounds very hopeful and asks Drusilla if his mother is worried about him.


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