SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Anselm Nightshade is the former leader of the Los Angeles vampire clan.


In 2007, Nightshade was chosen as the representative of the Night Children on the Council. Before the impending Dark War, he agreed to send Raphael Santiago in his stead and has since been replaced by Lily Chen.[1]

Some time after Arthur Blackthorn moved into the Los Angeles Institute, the two became friends, sharing a love of the classics. He also opened up an Italian restaurant on Cross Creek Road.

In August 2012, Julian Blackthorn accused Anselm of using black magic on his customers by drugging the pizza with addictive powders to protect the Blackthorns' secret: that Arthur was mentally ill and Julian, a minor, had been taking responsibility for the Enclave's business. He was apprehended by Clary Fairchild for this alleged crime, and Nightshade has since sworn revenge on them.[2]

Tests were performed at Nightshade's, where Julian's accusations were proven true as the investigating Shadowhunters discovered traces of dark magic in the establishment. Found guilty, Anselm was kept in Shadowhunter prison.[3]


According to Hyacinth, Anselm is a terrible man.[3]

Physical description

Anselm has a sharp, bony face.[2]



  • Anselm's surname "Nightshade" is also a Shadowhunter name, known to have been used by the late Adele Nightshade. Whether there is a connection is unknown at this point, but could possibly be explored and revealed in one of the upcoming books.[4]
  • Anselm loves little dogs and has various breeds as pets. Whenever Anselm comes to the Sanctuary to meet with Arthur, he leaves the dogs in the foyer of the Institute.[2]