Andrew Lightwood
Biographical Information
Full name:

Andrew Lightwood

Born: 1939
Age: 51/52
Status: Deceased
Died: 1991


Known relatives:

Lightwood family
(According to a family tree):
Isidore Lightwood (father)
Catia Monteverde (mother)
Phoebe Gladstone † (wife)
Robert Lightwood (son)
Maryse Lightwood (daughter-in-law)
Alec Lightwood (grandson)
Isabelle Lightwood (granddaughter)
Max Lightwood † (grandson)

Physical Description
Gender: Male

Andrew Lightwood is the father of Robert Lightwood. He is the son of Isidore Lightwood and Catia Monteverde, the husband of Phoebe Gladstone, and the paternal grandfather of Alec, Isabelle, and Max Lightwood.


  • According to a found family tree, Andrew, along with his wife, died in 1991 at the age of 51 or 52.

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