The Alto Bar is a bar—arguably considered a hipster dive—in Brooklyn, New York City, located on Lorimer St., situated partially under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway overpass in Greenpoint.

The bar has an all-ages night every Saturday.


Because of Eric's connection to the owner of the bar, their band was allowed to play gigs at the bar almost whenever they wanted in 2007, despite their unreliability at drawing a crowd.

On October 16 that year, the band, then named Millennium Lint, performed at 9 pm and had advertised their gig through flyers prior. The bar happened to be crowded that night. While the band played an old set, it was the first time their newest member, Kyle, performed with them. That evening, backstage of the Alto Bar, Simon Lewis fed on Maureen Brown.


When it first opened, the interior was decorated stylishly like an old speakeasy, with pressed-tin walls and ceiling and frosted art deco glass behind the bar. It became grungier over time, with permanent smoke stains on the walls and clumps of sawdust on the floor from beer spills and more.