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Aline Penhallow
CJ Flowers, Aline
Biographical Information
Full name: Aline Blackthorn Penhallow[1]
Born: 1990
Age: 22 (as of 2012)
Status: Alive



The Clave

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown

Aline Blackthorn Penhallow is the only child of Jia and Patrick Penhallow and is the wife of Helen Blackthorn.



Born to Patrick and Jia, both of whom are good friends with the Lightwoods, Aline became friends with Alec and Isabelle Lightwood when they were young, but they stopped seeing when she was around nine. She lived with her parents in the Beijing Institute for a few years before they moved to Alicante.

When she was thirteen, Aline and Jace—a boy taken in by the Lightwoods—explored the Brocelind Forest in Idris on horseback and got lost. While Aline had been terrified, Jace was fearless and, though it took hours, managed to get them out of the forest.[2]

Mortal War

In September 2007, the Penhallows agreed to house the Lightwoods and Sebastian Verlac, her cousin, who were visiting Alicante for the signing of the Tenth Accords. When the younger Lightwoods arrived with the hurt vampire Simon Lewis, Aline, like most Shadowhunters who were ignorant about Downworlders, was rude and judgmental.

At that point, Aline had already began to question her own sexuality. In an attempt to figure it out, she flirted with Jace and later kissed him to see if "any guy was [her] type." While making out with Jace, they were interrupted by Clary, whom everyone believed then to be Jace's sister. The flirting no longer progressed past that. During a conversation with Sebastian and Isabelle, Aline noted that Jace seemed too overprotective of Clary.

On the evening of the Morgensterns' attack on Alicante, when the demon towers were miraculously deactivated and demons swarmed the city, most of the adult members of the Clave were meeting at the Gard and were thus not there to protect them. Several demons broke into Aline's house, driving her out into the streets. While outside, Aline was knocked to the floor by a demon which then attempted to rape her. Isabelle Lightwood arrived just in time and stopped the demon. Aline went after the fleeing demon and killed it before running off.

The same evening, Isabelle and Alec's little brother, Max, was killed by Sebastian. Aline contacted Sebastian's aunt Élodie, and the woman immediately sent back some of Sebastian's things and pictures in disbelief, making her realize that the Sebastian that had been staying with them was an imposter. Aline then shared this revelation with Clary, hoping she would tell the Lightwoods, who had distanced themselves from her family after the incident, and that they would forgive her family. In addition to this conversation, she cleared the air with Clary about her intentions when she kissed Jace.

In preparation for the impending battle with Valentine Morgenstern's demons, the Penhallows' home was used as a refuge for at least twelve children, and Aline and a few other teenagers looked after them.

After the battle and war was won, and the subsequent defeat and death of Valentine and Sebastian, Aline prepared for the victory party with Isabelle and Clary, during which Clary was finally able to be open with them about her feelings for Jace. At the party, she conversed with the werewolf Maia Roberts.[2]


After the war, her mother was appointed as the new Consul.

Aline eventually realized that she was gay. Inspired by Alec's brave act of kissing Magnus in front of Clave members and his family, she eventually came out to her parents. She met and began dating Helen Blackthorn shortly afterwards. She also began to form a bond with Helen's six siblings, who liked her and saw her as a calming presence for Helen.

She assumed that her parents were trying to ignore their relationship,[3] and while her father was indeed disappointed, Jia was more concerned with the fact that Helen was part-faerie and feared that she would break her heart.[4]


Aline and Helen attended the Council meeting in New York in November later that year, convened to discuss what should be done with Jace, who had gone missing with Sebastian—Jonathan Morgenstern, the imposter who'd stayed with them before the war who has since adopted the name as his own.

While meeting with Maryse at the New York Institute one day, Isabelle and Alec arrived and told them that they'd been conducting their own unsanctioned search for Jace. She understood and promised not to report them to her mother. In gratitude for Isabelle saving her months before in Alicante and in retaliation for Sebastian killing her real cousin, she even offered to help them. She and Helen joined in the battle against Sebastian and his army at the Burren. She continued to cover for them by telling her mother that there had been no time to notify the Clave and that they needed to act as soon as they got the information on Sebastian.[3]

Dark War

Aline is at her house with her parents and girlfriend when Helen's siblings and Emma Carstairs arrive at the Penhallow house by Portal after the Los Angeles Institute was attacked. Aline and her parents allowed the Blackthorns and Emma to stay at their home. Aline talked to Clary about her worry over Helen and her siblings and also Emma. Aline, along with Helen, participated in the fight against the Endarkened at the Adamant Citadel. Aline and Helen helped an injured Shadowhunter after the battle.

Aline and Helen along with Alec, Isabelle and Clary witnessed a drunken Simon professing his love for Isabelle which was interrupted by a furious Robert Lightwood. Aline and Helen attended the Council meeting which was interrupted by Matthias Gonzales, who threatened Jia's life and wanted Clary and Jace to surrender themselves up to Sebastian Morgenstern. Alec saved Jia's life by hitting Matthias with his bow and arrow. Aline and Helen along with her mother, Jia, Robert and Maryse Lightwood, Brother Enoch and Brother Zachariah attended the funeral of the Shadowhunters who died during the Citadel battle.

Aline fought against the Dark Shadowhunters and the faeries at the Accords Hall along with her parents, her girlfriend, and the other Shadowhunters in Idris. At the Council meeting after the Dark War, Helen got exiled to Wrangel Island to study the wards and Aline promised to go with her the following week. Aline was among those who attended Jocelyn and Luke's wedding at Three Arrows Farm.[4]

Wrangel Island

Aline stayed true to her word and eventually followed Helen to Wrangel Island. Eventually, Helen proposed to her, and she accepted. Though Aline's mother was recused from any decision-making related to Helen because of her apparent bias, Helen struck a deal with the Clave—she would agree to go to the Shadowhunter Academy to tell the students the story of her parents and be paraded around as an example of the Clave's distrust of faeries, in exchange for a temporary pardon from her exile for a day and a night so they could get married in Idris with their family and friends present.[5]

On December 1, 2009, Aline and Helen got married in Idris. Jia stood as Aline's suggenes for the wedding.[6] Aline and Helen spent their wedding party being surrounded by and talking with Helen's younger siblings.

For the following years, she and Helen spoke to Helen's siblings and Emma every week. Julian would always tell them that everything with them was fine, not wanting her and Helen to worry about them.[7]

Making the most out of the situation, Aline picked up ice sculpting as a new hobby, excelling at the detail-oriented work and using a variety of weapons for carving. Her best known piece is her rendering of Jonathan Shadowhunter, carved entirely with a seraph blades, but her favorite subject is her wife, Helen.[8]


Aline is in many ways Isabelle's opposite. Where Isabelle is outspoken and confident, Aline is conservative and somewhat shy but displays unabashed curiosity. She is very caring toward her friends, the Lightwoods, and tries to console them when Jace was kidnapped. She is hesitant about the topic of Downworlders, being raised in Idris, and asks quite a few questions about them to Simon when they meet. She initially believes that Downworlders don't have souls, and bluntly says so to Simon. The two are a great deal alike. They both say whatever comes into their head's when it comes into their heads.

Despite her hesitant nature, Aline does care deeply for her family as well as the Lightwoods. She doesn't tell the Clave about the actual events occurring during the fight against Jonathan as a form of revenge against him for killing her cousin. This is also payment toward Isabelle, who saved her.

Physical description

Aline is half-Asian, contributing to her curved cheekbones, round almond-shaped eyes, and small stature, and is said to look a great deal like her mother. She has dark brown eyes, a delicately, pointed chin, and straight dark, black hair. People perceive her beauty differently—Isabelle and Clary both thought she was pretty, and Simon, who thought she wasn't exactly pretty, described her as striking.



Tarot Runes 8

Helen Blackthorn is Aline's wife and first girlfriend. Aline came out and began dating Helen some time after the Mortal War, despite the Clave's general disapproval. Months into their relationship, Aline and Helen had already exchanged family rings, which was considered a serious gesture among Shadowhunters as it is like being engaged. When Helen got exiled to Wrangel Island, Aline promised to follow her there the following week. The couple were wed around two years later.

Jia Penhallow is Aline's mother whom she greatly resembles. Aline seems to have a good relationship with her mother. When Aline came out to her and started dating Helen, Jia was worried about Aline getting her heart broken. Jia felt bad for having to send Helen away to Wrangel Island devastating her daughter.

Patrick Penhallow is Aline's father and she seems to have a good relationship with her father. Patrick was disappointed when Aline came out to him and started dating Helen for selfish reasons namely for not continuing the Penhallow line. Not much is known about her relationship with her father.

Aline is very close to and cares deeply about Helen's siblings, as well as their close family friend, Emma Carstairs.

It is also evident that they love Aline and appreciate her love for their sister. In Julian's tarot cards, he drew Aline as "the devoted".[7]


Alec Lightwood is a family friend of Aline and they are good friends with each other. Aline told Alec that she was inspired by him to came out to her parents and began dating Helen when he kissed Magnus at the Accords Hall before the Mortal War. Alec voted against sending Aline's girlfriend, Helen away to Wrangel Island during the Council meeting after the Dark War.

Isabelle Lightwood is a family friend of Aline. Isabelle gets along with Aline despite their different personalities although they have a tendency to say whatever comes out of their mouths. When Aline was attacked and almost raped by a demon when the demon towers first went down during the Mortal War, Isabelle saved her life. Aline later repaid Isabelle by helping her friends with the battle against Sebastian at the Burren by lying to her mother to buy them some time.

Jace Herondale is a family friend of Aline. When Aline was thirteen; she and Jace rode over to Brocelind Forest where they got lost and Aline was terrified that they were going to die but Jace was able to get them safely back to Alicante. Aline had a short-lived crush on Jace in which she kissed him only to come to realize that no guy was her type and she eventually realized that she is a lesbian.

Clary Fray is one of Aline's friends. Aline met Clary when she first came to Alicante along with Simon. When Aline kissed Jace which was witnessed by Clary; she was put into Clary's bad books. Eventually, Aline made amends with Clary when she admitted that she was tour one to kiss Jace not the other was around. During the Dark War, Aline confessed to Clary about her worry over Helen and her family and also about Emma.




  • Her favorite weapons are blades.[8]


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