An aletheia crystal is a crystal used to hold memories.


Aletheia crystals are many-faceted crystals the size of a child's hand. They have a smooth, stone-like surface.


Aletheia crystals are used to capture, store, and even physically transport the stored memories. When the crystal is dormant, the memories contained within it flash across its surface. Once activated through a Latin incantation, the crystal begins to glow until it releases a focused beam of light, which acts as a projector and casts moving images across a nearby wall. The held memories can either be viewed on the projected image and on the stone's surface.


In the past, around the 1800s, aletheia crystals were used by the Clave to hold evidence of memories.

In September 2012 an aletheia crystal was discovered at Blackthorn Hall by Ty, Livvy, and Kit. The crystal contained an unknown person's memories of Council meetings regarding Annabel Blackthorn in the early 19th century.


  • Aletheia crystals appear to darken the room they are in when activated, as the one found in Blackthorn Hall extinguished surrounding candles when activated by the warlock Shade; however, this could also only have been due to the warlock's magic.
  • Aletheia crystals are named after the Greek goddess of truth, Aletheia.