She was such a kind woman. You would have liked her, I think.

Jocelyn to Clary, City of Glass

Adele Fairchild (née Nightshade) was the wife of Granville Fairchild II and the mother of Jocelyn Fray. She is the grandmother of Sebastian Morgenstern and Clary Fairchild.


Adele was in favor of Jocelyn and Valentine's marriage and was happy for her because, like most people, she thought Valentine was a wonderful boy.[2] Nonetheless, she and Granville had also been disappointed about her decision to do it so early at eighteen, or nineteen.[3]

Adele was with Jocelyn when she gave birth to her first son, Jonathan, in 1990 and had handed her the newborn child.

Around a year later, during the time of the signing of the Ninth Accords and the Circle's Uprising, she was killed when Valentine Morgenstern burned their manor house to the ground with her and other victims inside.

Her remains are buried in the Fairchild mausoleum in the necropolis in Idris.[2]


  • Adele's surname "Nightshade" is also used by the vampire Anselm Nightshade. Whether there is a connection is unknown at this point, but could possibly be explored and revealed in one of the upcoming books.[4]


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