SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Aaron Wrayburn was a Shadowhunter and the father of Diana Wrayburn. He was the original owner of Diana's Arrow.


At some point in his life, Aaron married Lissa and had two children with her: Aria and David. When Aaron found out that David was actually a woman, he allowed her to be herself at home but asked that she "be David" in public to stay below the radar of the Clave.

When David was injured and Aria killed in Thailand during their travel year, Aaron and his wife falsely reported to the Clave that David had died instead so that David, now going by Diana, could live as a woman, with the world thinking David dead.

David, now Diana, spent three years living in Thailand and transitioning. During this time, Aaron and Lissa often suggested clandestine visits to Bangkok for their daughter, which she refused as she didn't want to get them into trouble. Aaron and his wife were later killed in a demon attack.[1]



  • Aaron always kept the bathroom of his apartment above Diana's Arrow stocked with bandages.[1]